PH Vapers support enactment of Vape Bill

The so-called Vape Bill was enacted into law. The measure aims to regulate the importation, manufacture, sale, packaging, distribution, use, and communication of vapor and heated tobacco products.

Importantly the bill focuses on imposing age restrictions over 18 years, ensuring that adult smokers can access non-combustible alternatives to smoking.

Liza Katsiashvili, community manager at World Vapers’ Alliance, said:

“While most policymakers are misinformed and fight against vaping, the Philippines followed the right path to embrace vaping as an effective harm reduction innovation to save lives. Other countries should follow this example and endorse smart vaping policies to ensure improved public health for millions of consumers globally.”

The act, introduced by Senator Ralph G. Recto, indicates that the priority of the State is to adopt the harm reduction strategy, focused on smoking cessation for adult consumers. This statement is a massive victory for the vaping community in the Philippines.

Every year smoking kills nearly 100 thousand smokers in the Philippines. The progressive public health policy focusing on safer nicotine consumption is a chance to decrease illness and mortality rates, thus improving the life quality of thousands of individuals living in the Philippines.

Several local vaping associations have been campaigning in support of the Vape Bill. Among them are WVA partners from the Nicotine Consumption Union of the Philippines (NCUP). Anton Israel, the founder of the NCUP, said:

“Vapers in the Philippines are celebrating a huge victory! We believe that the vape bill is a healthcare strategy that promotes a consumer choice and an opportunity for smokers to enjoy safer alternatives to combustible tobacco. The decision of the government to encourage vaping instead of discouraging it will bring huge public health benefits for the country.”

World Vapers’ Alliance stands with the decision of the Philippines senate to embrace life-saving innovation and ensure access to less harmful nicotine delivery products for consumers, thus creating an opportunity to drastically improve public health over the years and save thousands of lives.

Source: Journal Online

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